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Which Type Of Halloween Costume-er Are You?

Which Type Of Halloween Costume-er Are You?

One of our favorite holidays is almost here! That’s right Halloween is just around the corner, and nothing’s more fun than planning out your costume for the shenanigans on this joyous of holidays. And with so many good costume ideas out there, you’re sure to find something that’ll fit your style perfectly. Or make a costume that captures your aesthetic if you’re the arts and craftsy type. With many costumes, comes many costume-ers. Which type are you? Keep reading and see for yourself.

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Good Costume Ideas

The “witty joke” costume-er 

The ones who don’t necessarily need their costume to look the best. But spend a lot of time thinking about their good costume ideas, and want it to be the best, or at least make you laugh. Often, they’ll put more time into the thought of their costume than the actual look. Which is okay, because it’s the thought that counts. Right?

The type of person who’ll wear a jersey with some fairy wings and say their a fantasy sports football player, or come wearing scrubs with “Pepper M.D.” label slapped on the chest. Or wear a baby holster with a bag of sugar in it.

The Sexy-costume-er

Perhaps the most marketed to costume-er of them all. The sexy costume has become an integral part of Halloween, at this point, it’s just as much a part of Halloween as trick-or-treating.

These are guys and gals that wear sexy firefighter, police officer, and prisoner costumes. But it’s not limited to just the usual sexy nurse, the sexy costume game has come along way. You name it, and there most likely is a sexy version of it. Sexy-Elmo, sexy Keebler Elf, heck, there’s even a sexy corn on the cob costume out there.

The Professional Makeup Artist And/Or Cosplayer

Do you love face paint, attention to detail, and spending months, sometimes a year and change working on a costume you’ll wear for only one night? Well then, you may just be a cosplayer. And that’s great because cosplayers have some really good costume ideas, and have the most fun on Halloween.  

This type of costume-er is one of the most fun, they’ll pay attention to get every last detail of whatever costumes they decided to make. These were the kids who were really, really good at arts and crafts class, especially the crafts.

Good costume ideas

The Tasteless Humor costume-er

Very different from the witty joke, but not that different. Although, this type of person will think their crude humor is witty. It’s more often that not extremely gross and tacky. Nevertheless, they still can sometimes warrant a giggle or two, and are good examples of what you might not want to wear at a Halloween party.

This is the type of person to show up in a giant boob costume, or any other overtly sexual innuendo costume. So overt that it loses the meaning of innuendo.

We have plenty of Chicago Halloween events brewing up in our witches kettle this year!  

The Non-costume-er

Pretty much to coolest person in the room without trying. Or…actually trying really hard and just don’t want you to know it. Probably only there for the party, which is all fine and dandy; since you shouldn’t need a costume to have fun at a Halloween party. At least, that’s how we feel.

By non-costume-er we don’t necessarily mean they’ll come to the costume party in just their regular clothes. While yes those people would fall under this category too, there’s more to the non-costume-er than that. The type of person to come in regular clothes, but wear a highly detailed mask. Or come in regular clothes and wear devil horns and be a “demon”

The scary costume-er Or Halloween Purists as they like to be called

Now, it’s all fun and games trying to be funny, or sexy on Halloween. But the scary costume-er knows what’s up. They know that this is supposed to a scary holiday, and they stick to protocol. They’re what we like to call Halloween purist. And god bless em’ for keeping the true spirit of the season alive and well.

The scary costume-er is one we hold near and dear to our hearts.  Almost like a second cousin to the cosplayer. They’re the kind of people who rock the scary clown costume without being penny-wise, the kind to make a Jason Voorhees which his actual mangled face over the hockey mask.

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 good costume ideas

The Trendy One 

Much like the cosplayer, this costume enthusiast likes to pay close attention to detail for adapting whatever character they decided to dress up as this year. The only real difference is the cosplayer is more likely to reach for an obscure reference for their costume. Whereas the trendy costume-er tends to be more preoccupied with capturing the look and feel of characters from this year’s most popular tv shows and movies. They’ll probably have some good costume ideas based off of a reality tv star too.

These are the type of people with an abundance of knowledge regarding social media icons, the type to wear a costume based on a popular meme, like that yodeling kid from Walmart. Or a pregnant Kylie Jenner, or any Kardashian costume for that matter.

Have Any Good Costume Ideas Of Your Own? Let Us Know On Social Media!

Remember, all the jokes and ripping is just fun and games. No matter what costume you have, or costume-er you are, Halloween is all about having fun. And what better way to have fun that at a larger than life Halloween costume party. Check some of the spooky cruises we’ve got planned this year, and tell your friends too while you’re at it.