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The Jewel Yacht

This lavish, state-of-the-art catamaran configures easily to meet any expectation and will provide an original and enjoyable way to celebrate with friends or colleagues. Designed for luxurious cruises and special events, the Jewel Yacht is second to none in service and accommodation. Allowing those who partake in one of our luxury excursions, the Jewel Yacht offers an ambiance of tremendous comfort and enjoyment for all those who come aboard.

The entire New York City skyline is lit up and there for your viewing pleasure as you spend a night on the water with friends and loved ones. This crown jewel is surely a gem when it comes to thoroughly enjoying a night out in New York City, and provides all the quality services necessary to ensure everyone aboard has a fantastic time, and the Jewel Yacht offers the perfect setting for anything from a corporate event to a fun-filled family and friend party extravaganza!


Skyport Marina - East 23rd Street and FDR Drive
New York, NY 10010

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