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Buyer agrees that all tickets purchased, specific to the transaction entered herein through the online ticket services provided on this Website, constitute a Final Sale. Buyer further agrees that all tickets purchased are non-refundable even if an event is postponed. If a Buyer cannot attend the postponed event, Buyer is not entitled to a refund. By browsing and using the ticket services of this Website and completing a ticket purchase transaction on this Website, Buyer agrees to be legally bound by the Terms and Conditions stated herein. Purchaser’s credit card statement will show the merchant account posted as ticketing agent on this website, ( herein “Ticketing Agent”). Unless specifically indicated, it is important to note that this Website and the Tickets offered are only available and open to users 21 years of age or older in the United States and for personal use for those of a legal age in your country, province, or state of residence for the consumption of alcoholic beverages. If for any reason, you as a Buyer do not agree with some and/or all of the following terms and conditions, you as a Buyer are not of a legal age in your place of residence for consuming alcoholic beverages, we recommend that you exit this Website and discontinue the Ticket purchase process. Ticketing Agent and any and all of its associated website(s) are ticket sellers and resellers do not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality for any of the information and representations for products or services made by the Venue, the Website or Resellers, or Promoters for the events listed on sites. Ticket Agent and any and all of its associated website(s) will not be liable for any damages of any kind incurred as a result of the information contained herein. Ticketing Agents and any and all of its associated website(s) disclaims any and all warranties relating to the services including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose or use. Furthermore, the Venue offering the event tickets reserves the right to make any changes it deems necessary to maintain customer safety and to make reasonable substitution of event amenities. Purchase of this ticket is non-refundable for any reason including but not limited to any dissatisfaction customer has with the event experience; waiting on line for admission; any change in services including start and end times, venue’s limits on complimentary amenities such as menu selections and/or drink brands; and any changes to seating or table locations. If Purchaser is dissatisfied, Purchaser must see an onsite manager, make a claim and exit the event prior to consuming alcohol or availing any of the event amenities. Purchaser further agrees that tickets are non-refundable due to Purchaser’s failure to attend the event for any reason and/or any problems due to weather which create hardship in attending the event. Purchaser waives any right to dispute the above stated credit card charge for any reason other than a cancellation of the event by the Venue. Purchaser acknowledges that Venue reserves the right to delay admission due to capacity restrictions and any issues that may arise affecting public safety. Policies set by Ticketing Agent prohibit the issuing of exchanges or refunds after a ticket purchase has been made or for lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed tickets. Therefore, when a ticket is released by pick-up, mail, E-ticket or will call, it is the responsibility of the Purchaser to keep their ticket and confirmation of purchase in a safe place and present tickets at the door for admission. Cancellation of your order is not permitted at any time after you place your order. There are NO REFUNDS, NO CANCELLATIONS, no credits, no exchanges, and no transfers after the order has been made. If you purchased for the incorrect date, location, event, etc, we are not obligated to provide a refund, credit, exchange or transfer.

Once you make a purchase on Ticketing Agents website(s), if those funds are removed from the company’s account and given back to you, you owe us that money back, plus applicable fees as outlined below. If you owe money to Ticketing Agent said entity reserves the right to take legal action against you and/or send you to collections for the recovery of said debt. If you are in debt to, reserves the right to send you to collections or take legal action immediately, regardless of the age of the account, or presence or lack of notification attempts. If legal action against you or send you to collections, you are fiscally responsible for any and all legal costs and fees, directly associated and/or indirectly associated, with recovering the debt owed by you. If legal action is taken against you or you are sent to collections, you will be charged an additional $100 fee that is due payable immediately. Further, if you have charged-back your credit card and we incur a fee from that, you are fiscally liable for any and all fees that we have incurred as the result of your chargeback action, of a minimum of $50 per chargeback and up: this chargeback fee is due payable immediately. Furthermore, you will be charged a $50 administrative fee per chargeback appeal that had to be written and filed as the result of your chargeback: this administrative chargeback fee is due payable immediately. Additionally, any debt to, including the aforementioned fees, will be charged a minimum of a 25% interest on the debt until paid in full; we reserve the right to charge this interest as a one-time interest or as a compounding interest that escalates with the age of the account. collection’s agencies reserve the right to negatively affect your personal credit score until your debt is paid. Once an account has been placed in collections, the only way to get yourself out of Collections is to pay the debt owed by you to the collections agency.


For most of our events, alcoholic beverages are available for purchase. All guests may be required to show ID to purchase alcohol. Guests are not permitted to bring in alcoholic beverages from outside and may not leave with alcohol purchased inside. Management reserves the right to refuse the sale of alcohol to any guest.

Alcohol purchases may be limited to one beverage per person per transaction. Open bar packages that are purchased limit the purchaser to receive only 1 drink at a time, there is “no double-fisting” and it is at the discretion of the server or event management to determine no more drinks can be served to an intoxicated open bar package purchase. Please be aware that it is the policy to require all guests who appear to be forty (40) years of age or younger to present a valid form of ID with proof of age in order to purchase alcoholic beverages. Pursuant to applicable State law, we accept only the following forms of identification: A valid driver’s license or non-driver identification card issued by the United States Government, a State Government, Commonwealth, Possession or Territory of the United States or a Provincial Government of Canada |A valid passport | A valid U.S. military ID

Animals:  We love animals as much as you do, however, only service animals are permitted.

Bag Policy: To help ensure that everybody can enjoy an unforgettable and safe experience, all guests will be subject to search. No bags described by IEVENTS as a backpack, roller luggage or purse deemed to contain more than what is reasonable in contents for an event are allowed. All bags may be subject to thorough screening (hand, wand, and machine), including the use of x-ray screening where available, which can delay entry. This is for safety purposes and is a zero tolerance policy.

Cameras/Photography:  We want you to be able to relive the epic experiences you have at our venues, however, camera equipment can get in the way of your fellow fan’s enjoyment.To respect all our guest’s experiences, video cameras, monopods, tripods, selfie sticks, audio recording devices and professional cameras (those including telephoto or zoom lenses) will not be permitted. iEvents reserves the right to use any photograph/videography or other, similar reproductions or recordings taken at any event hosted by and its affiliates. A person attending an iEvents event who does not wish to have their image recorded for distribution should make their wishes known to the photographer and/or event organizer.

Special Events:

Fireworks Viewing and Location there in:

It is understood that fireworks are not controlled by iEvents and cancellations may occur. If a cancellation of a fireworks show does incur, no refund shall be given and all sales are final. No views and locations as a matter of law can be controlled by IEVENTS.  Vantage Points, Viewing and Direction of Cruises is not warrantied and any dissatisfaction based on proximity to fireworks is not guaranteed. Last 

Docked Events:

It is understood that all events, including but not limited to July 4th, Halloween and New Years Eve Cruises may be dictated by weather, Coast Guard or other aspects outside the control of IEVENTS but for your safety.  Should the cruise/event have to change ships, docking location, time changes, or not leave dock, there is no refund, ability to chargeback or rain check, you agree to be redirected as needed.

Code of Conduct:

Guests shall be respectful of others around them.
Guests shall refrain from using foul/offensive language, fighting, obscene gestures, throwing objects and engaging in other behavior detrimental to the experience of other guests.
There is a zero tolerance policy for any illegal substances.
Guests shall not occupy a space or an area for which they do not possess a valid ticket and shall provide their ticket upon request  (ex. VIP table).
Guests who consume alcoholic beverages shall do so in a responsible manner.
Guests are encouraged to report inappropriate or offensive behavior to an Usher, Security Officer or Guest Experience Representative.
Guests shall comply with requests from staff regarding arena operational and emergency procedures.
Staff has been trained to intervene when deemed necessary and to use their best discretion to help ensure that guests who ignore the Code of Conduct do not interfere with other guests’ ability to enjoy an event. Guests who violate the Code of Conduct may be subject to ejection without refund and, to the extent their conduct constitutes a violation of law, may be subject to arrest. We thank you for your cooperation.

Prohibited Items: There are a few things that are not permitted inside:
Laser Pens
Pepper Spray/Mace
Signs and Banners
Selfie Sticks
Video Cameras/Recording Devices
Outside Food & Beverages
Glass, Cans, Aluminum Bottles