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Our Amazing NYE Events

Our Amazing NYE Events

Quick! Which holiday has the best parties? 4th of July? Not a bad choice, but no. Halloween? Close, but no. Christmas? Almost there. New Year’s Eve? *Alarm sounds* Bingo! The thing about New Year’s Eve is that it brings people together in ways most holidays can’t. Maybe it’s because of the secular nature of the holiday; since the end and beginning of the year is something that’s happening to all of us. So we all can relate. And if we can relate; then we can party! Which is great, because who wouldn’t want to end the year at one of the amazing NYE events happening around the nation?

Spend New Year’s Eve The Right Way At One Of Our Incredible NYE Events

New Year’s  Eve can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. But generally speaking, it’s a special day of the year that warrants something spectacular. Look, we all love a good house party. But this year, why not celebrate New Year’s Eve with something a little more extravagant. We have an array of epic end of the year celebrations at some of the hottest venues in some of the best cities across the country. Go on, keep reading and find out how you can make this New Year’s Eve one to remember for a lifetime.

Party with us in ChiTown this New Year’s Eve!

One thing about The Windy city everyone should know is that when it comes to NYE events, ChiTown doesn’t play around. This lively city surprisingly becomes even more alive (we didn’t think that was possible) when Dec 31st rears its head. We have a history of throwing amazing NYE events in this beloved city, and we’re keeping the tradition strong this year with some of our classic shindigs, and some new editions to keep things interesting.

The 7th Annual Resolution Gala at The Aon Grand Ballroom
For the 7th time around, we’re heading the Navy Pier’s illustrious Aon Grand Ballroom for another welcoming party for the new year. The enormous, immense event will hosts over 2000 people, and have setlists by some of Chicago’s premier DJ’s. Including the Chicago Bulls in-house DJ Metro. This one of the largest, most elegant NYE events in ChiTown, and for good reason. We don’t hold back with any of the perks; a multitude of buffet stations offering delicious options, a 5-hour premium cocktail reception, a midnight champagne toast, and a premier vantage point of the Navy Pier fireworks show.

Prohibition at The Morgan MFG 
The MFG is one of the hottest, most aesthetically impressive venues to emerge out of thedowntown Chicago area in recent memory. It’s sleek design, multiple bars, and sunken dancefloor are but a few of the reasons that make the MFG the perfect spot to end 2018 at. We even secured the talents of a top-tier DJ to ensure the perfect vibes set you off into 2019. Enjoy the musical stylings of DJ Heavy while you’re enjoying that  5 hours of premium cocktail reception. A portion of the proceeds are even going to the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation, so we’re partying for a purpose.

The 2nd Annual Fantasea Ball Aboard The Chicago Elite
We’ve brought back this highly requested event for another New Year’s Eve sail in the Windy City. For a yacht party this elite, we thought what better vessel start 2019 on than the Chicago Elite herself. Immerse yourself in the sophistication of the sleek, decadent triple-decker threat. Get astonishing views of the Navy Pier fireworks show, and enjoy everything this party cruise has to offer. Like the four cocktail reception, passed horderves, gourmet dinner buffet, and more.

We Have Even More ChiTown NYE Events!

More To NYC On NYE Than Times Square
We can’t think of a city that represents new beginnings more than NYC. Just look at the countless movies and TV shows where characters start their “new lives” in The Big City. While there’s no director, cameramen, or stage crew on our NYE yacht parties. You better believe it’ll be a movie on our boats this New Year’s Eve.

2019 New Year’s Eve Gala Aboard The Cornucopia Majesty 
End 2018 aboard the luxurious Cornucopia Majesty for one of the most epic NYE events inNYC.  The Majesty is a beauty of a boat, and it truly lives up to its name. You’ll feel like royalty when you step inside and gander over the Majesty’s ballroom-like aesthetic that sweeps over each of it’s three spacious interior decks. Expect a feast at the buffet area, drinks galore at one of the vessels many bars, and an absolutely unforgettable party experience.

The New Year’s Eve Ball Aboard The Infinity Yacht 
There’s a reason why this is one of our most highly anticipated events of the season. And it’s because The Infinity is one of the finest vessels to sail on into a New Year. Upon first glance it isn’t hard to tell this quadruple-decker threat was born to party. Lavish LED lighting tastefully spread across the entire yacht, multiple bar areas, and contemporary furnishings that really give it that high end-club-on-the-water-feel.

New Year’s Eve Family Fireworks Cruise Aboard The Sundancer Yacht
Hop aboard The Sundancer Yacht, and enjoy it’s lovely aesthetic that mixes a classical ballroom and modern lounge. With guaranteed seating, enjoy something delicious from our varied buffet as you get an amazing vantage point for the annual fireworks show. If you’re looking for a less crowded affair, we’d recommend this exclusive dinner cruise
aboard The Sundancer.

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Our NYE events In The Sunshine State
Miami is something like the party capital of the country. We mean, can you think of any other city as synonymous with beach gateways than The Magic City? Come live out your party dreams with us in South Beach, and start the year feeling like the star you know you are.

New Year’s Eve Gala Aboard The Musette Yacht
Sail off the coast of South Beach aboard The Musette Yacht for an end of the year party likeno other. Everything you need is to end 2018 right is right here. Three and a half hours of open bar, a full dinner buffet, festive party favors to get you in that “New Year’s” spirit, and a champagne toast at midnight. The Musette herself is a real beauty of a boat, with two climate-controlled interior decks, a sky deck, and a sweet modern design, with stylish furnishings scattered throughout the vessel.

Living The Dream New Year’s Eve At The Highbar At The Dream Hotel
In a city with plenty of rooftop venues, we’ve got to say The Highbar, located within theDream Hotel, is one of the finest we’ve ever seen. When you think swanky, trendy rooftop lounges, The Highbar, more likely than not exceeds those expectations. With the amenities you could ask for; 5-hours of premium open bar, an appetizer buffet catered by Celebrity Chef Ralph Pagano, great music by our live DJ, and the best possible vantage point to view the fireworks show. Oh, and you get to welcome 2019 with a champagne toast at midnight.   

 Our California Events Are Golden!
We’re partying all over the map! Catch in the Golden State for some premier party cruises in some of the hottest areas in Cali. Make your way onto one of our epic exclusive yacht parties and end 2018 with the best vibes possible.

Rock The Boat: New Year’s Eve Party Cruise Aboard The Hornblower Adventure Yacht
San Diego, here we come! Get ready for an adventurous night aboard The Adventure Yacht, and sail across the San Diego Bay in style. You’ll enjoy four hours of open bar,a varied assortment of appetizers to settle your stomach, and a live DJ ensuring smooth sailing on this 4 and half hour cruise. Not to mention, the adventure yacht is a nice looking boat, with an interior design that exudes class, and style. So come, drink, and dance the year away! You’ll be glad you took this adventure once you return to the shore.

The 6th Annual Moonlight New Year’s Eve Fireworks Party Cruise Aboard The San Francisco Spirit
Picture this, you’re in the beautiful city of San Francisco, on a yacht. It’s New Year’s Eve and you’re having the time of your life. You’ve been enjoying an open bar for the last three hours, along with some really tasty hors d’oeuvres. You’re dancing, feeling great, and enjoying the views of The Bay. Then, you’re treated to the best possible views of the annual fireworks show. You look up in amazement, and start 2019 with an incredible feeling that you’ll want to take with you the rest of the year. That’s what you can expect from this epic yacht party.

Now that you’re all caught up on the NYE festivals we’ve got going on, why not secure those plans? There’s no better time than now than to gather your friends, make those plans, maybe buy an outfit to start the new year, and order those tickets! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!