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Halloween Goes Hollywood
Halloween Goes Hollywood

Halloween Goes Hollywood

This event has expired. Please see all of our New York Events here.

Think about holidays that really get the best out of nightlife. Chances are you only have two in mind, and the one that we’re referring to isn’t New Year’s Eve. Halloween is undoubtably an epic evening that everyone anticipates. But while this year it falls on a Monday,folks are looking to get the most out of their weekend. Chances are you’ve already started to hear rumors of big parties taking place at nightclubs, bars, and lounges in Manhattan, but if you’re really looking to get the peak experience out of your Halloween weekend in New York City, look no further than the Cornucopia Majesty, they’ll be hosting the event that everyone will be rushing to get tickets for – Halloween Goes Hollywood.

If you’ve ever been to a event before, then you know that you’re in for something good. This 3-hour cruise will feature your favorite music being served up by a live DJ and a cash bar serving up any cocktail you could possibly imagine. Be sure to come decked out in your Halloween gear, because this epic event will bring in folks with the top costumes in the city. It’s time to change your Halloween routine and enjoy a night out that will create memories that last a lifetime. Here’s your chance, now buy your tickets.

Boarding: 7:00pm
Departing: 8:00pm
Returning: 11:00pm

Age Requirement is 21+